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The online system for sports clubs and societies
that provides members and club secretaries
with a better way of keeping membership records.
providing an online information service in addition to
booking courts and cancellations are just as easy.
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Created by Nick Rendell and Dave Thomas


Nick Rendell:
A tennis club secretary now with a better way of
managing competitions,
court access and booking clashes.


Dave Thomas:
A badminton player and golfer with over 30 years business and IT experience in providing business solutions.


Whilst in business they developed an online system for a multi-national that now has 50,000 subscribers. 
Together they developed solutions for sports clubs with big system experience packed into it.

The clubsite.co service is hosted by "Heart Internet".
Unfortunately there are occasions when the service is unavailable due to planned or unplanned network maintenance.
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The web server is :- web91.extendcp.co.uk