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Club subscriptions



Tell me about subscriptions



How do I check on my membership classification?



Creating a Family Group



Changing my membership status



Paying Subscriptions on-line using PayPal



Booking a court slot



Payment for Court Booking



Sequential Court Bookings.



Member Listing



How to make MEMBER contact details available



Password.  How to change your PASSWORD





Club Subscriptions


There are various categories of membership; family, junior, adult etc

Each member is normally assigned to a category of membership when they join the club.

Individual members can manage their own membership classification


How do I check on my membership classification?


Sign in with your username and password.

Click on Members.

You will be presented with a list of members names.

Click on MORE DETAILS against your name


If you need to assign yourself to a group classification do this by selecting ‘Member Groups’.  You can then see your membership classification.  If you wish to change this select the group you want and then click ‘Update Member Information’.


Creating a Family Group


All members to be included in the FAMILY GROUP should be registered on the system and have their own unique username and password.

Contact your CLUB ADMINISTRATOR if you need additional members adding to the system.


Each prospective FAMILY GROUP member should have their ‘membership classification’ set to FAMILY (see above).


Decide which member is to be the group MASTER. 

The prospective MASTER should login and GO TO> MEMBERS>MORE DETAILS>MEMBER GROUPS.

Then click on ‘Become the Master Paying Member for Family Group’ and UPDATE MEMBER INFORMATION.


To add other members to your group type the user-name of those members in the box ‘Enter User Key for Member’ and click ‘Add User to Your Payment Group’.


Changing my Membership Status


If a member needs to change their membership status: SIGN-IN>GO TO>MEMBERS>MORE DETAILS (adjacent to your name) >MEMBER GROUPS.  Click on the ▼on the text box indicated below and select the category of membership you wish to select.   Click on ‘Update Member Information’.


Paying Subscriptions on-line using PayPal


This is only applicable if your club allows subscription by PayPal.

Login.  Go to Payments.

Any outstanding payments due will be shown.  Click on PAY NOW to be taken to the PayPal secure online payment screen and make the payment.


Booking a court slot


Use the ‘ACTIVITY’, ‘VIEW’, ‘FACILITY FOR’ and ‘SELECT DATE’ functions to navigate to the court and date you wish to place a booking for.


Place your cursor over the required slot and click.



An aplet will appear which allows you to confirm the booking or to add notes and then confirm.

Any notes added will replace your name in the booking record.





Payment for Court Booking


This only applied to members whose club collects court payment through the system.


If you need to pay the slot booking aplet will be titled; ‘pay and Confirm Booking’.

On clicking CONFIRM you will be taken to the PayPal secure website and can make the online payment.



Simply click on ‘PAY NOW’.



Login and make the payment.

If you are booking multiple slots using the ‘sequential booking’ function you will get a single total bill for all slots booked.


Sequential Court Bookings.


A feature designed for club coaches or team captains or other members who need to book multiple slots.

When you click on the slot the following aplet appears:


Click the ▼on the ‘Until’ text box.  This will offer the next ‘n’ sequential slots.  Click the last one you want and this and the intervening slots will all be booked.

By clicking on  the ▼ by REPEAT FOR you can choose to repeat the booking for the next ‘n’ days or ‘n’ weeks.



Member Listing


The member listing allows you to view other club members.  If you wish you can make your contact details available.

Members names only appear to fellow members who are logged in to the system.

Members contact details are only available if a member ticks the box to make their details available.


How to make MEMBER contact details available


You can make your email address and telephone number available to signed in club members by SIGNIN>GO TO > MEMBERS> MORE DETAILS by your name.

Enter your contact details in the appropriate text box.  By ticking the MEMBER ACCESS boxes you elect to make your details accessible to other members.



Password.  How to change your PASSWORD


Sign-in.  Go to MEMBERS>MORE DETAILS opposite your name record.  Click on MEMBER ACCESS DATA.  You will now see the screen below.  If you wish to change your password or session time out setting just over-type the required data into the text-box provided and ‘Update Member Information’.